Born Michel de Nostredame on December 14, 1503, Nostradamus was the most celebrated physician and occultist of his day. Showing a great intellect from his early years, he studied a range of subjects including Latin, Greek, Mathematics and Celestial sciences. Later, his enthusiasm for the occult and his reputation for prophecy would stir the suspicions of the Inquisition, forcing Nostradamus to continually travel to evade the Church authorities.

Fifty years in age, Nostradamus finally settled into semi-retirement in the town of Salon where he married and concentrated on his writings, producing annual almanacs and books of prophecy. He is said to have foreseen the rise and fall of Napoleon and Hitler, the assassination of the Kennedys, and perhaps the advent of the third World War. However, there is debate as to the volume of writings he produced and the interpretation of the works that have survived through the ages. Nostradamus himself mentions that he burnt many of his books once he finished them, but this seems unlikely given the profound dedication to his work over the course of his life. Rather, this was probably an attempt to mislead Church authorities and to potentially conceal important prophetic books for a later time when they would be truly useful, even vital, to a threatened humanity.

One such book was said to have been found in Normandy, where Nostradamus wrote a final collection of prophecies for the next millennium, while his powers were at their height. The book was believed to have been lost or destroyed before his death in 1566. However in truth, it had been hidden until the time when the prophecies could serve as a weapon to battle the greatest threat the world has ever known: a stratagem of extraterrestrial invasion.

Significantly, Nostradamus tells of an apocalyptic invasion coming in three terrifying waves: the first wave - an elite infiltrative and saboteur force, the second wave - invasion from above, and the third wave - Armageddon. He also foretells the coming of Earth’s savior who will lead the fight against the aliens - the twice-blessed man. This man may be Cade Foster. With Nostradamus’ lost book of prophecy in his possession, Foster has the key to defeating the aliens. With the book, Foster may be humanity's only hope to stop the First Wave.

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